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ABOUT | [PLURALIST FOX] ||| Boston-bred | Brooklyn-broadened | Portland-based
"The Fox, pluralist, travels many roads, according to the idea that there can be different, equally valid but mutually incompatible concepts of how to live." — Isaiah Berlin
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  • “ One of the most challenging yet exciting parts of farming without your own land is figuring out your next step. What do I want to learn and where do I want to learn how to do it? At this rather early stage in my farming career, stability can still take a backseat to opportunity and exploration. The goal is to have my carrots and eat them too, but while searching for that balance, there are many roads to travel… ”

    —    Have You Ever Picked a Carrot?
    The blog of young farmer Jason Grauer - former apprentice at Stone Barns and Four Season Farm

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